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Lying in Tan Hiep commune, in the central region of Quang Nam’s Hoi A town, Cu lao Cham or cham island hoi an is a cultural historical landmark that is nearly connected with the foundation and improvement of Hoi A town for a thousand years.
The island has turned out to be one of 15 Vietnamese maritime reserves since 2007. Be that as it may, in May, 2009, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) acknowledged cham island as a world biosphere reserve on account of its topography, the biodiversity value and the untainted and alluring landscape.
The island comprises of eight islands, including Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Kho me or the mother Hon Kho, Hon Kho con or the kid Hon Kho, Hon La, Hon Tai, Hon Ong. Every island with a particular feature of excellence and brilliant sand beaches makes a perfect landscape. The unexpected mountain slopes, huge waves and floristic composition makes these islands like unpolished sapphires. The island is, in this way is a perfect destination for cham island tour.
With 500 hectares of sea weed alga, marine algae and sea grass and 165 hectares of coral and sea animals, the island is viewed as a kingdom of sea creatures. Of which, the coral has 135 species, algae and sea grasses have 500 species, fish 202 species, lobster 4 species and mollusks 84 species. Under the clear new water are coral and reefs of beautiful fish. If you go for a snorkeling hoi an you will see and experience an excellent marine world.

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